Troubleshooting SL Breat Implants.


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Got appliers for items with lace trim?

Get that annoying heavy black line around them?

Here is how to fix it if you are using the Phoenix Firestorm viewer.

  1. First go into your “Preferences”. You can do this by hitting Ctrl+P.
  2. Select your “Graphics” tab
  3. While in your graphics tab, select the sub tab named, “Rendering”.
  1. Uncheck “Render alpha masks when ‘Lighting and Shadows’ is not enabled” as well as “Render alpha masks when ‘Lighting and Shadows’ is enabled”.

How to modify your jacket layer.

Sometimes, you can see your system clothing layer underneath your breast layer. In some cases tweaking your breast position can fix this issue. Sometimes, you can fix this by adjusting your jacket layer, especially on items like lingerie, bikinis and other items.

  1. Make a copy of the jacket layer of the clothing you want to edit.
  2. Go into your avatar edit mode and select the option to edit your jacket.
  3. Scroll down the options until you see “Open Front”
  4. Use your slider to open the front of the jacket to the appropriate amount for the applier. I find that for me, with bras and bikini tops, somewhere around 50 works well.

Why can I see a difference in where my breast meet my avatar, even if I am wearing a skin or clothing applier?

This is a fix that is as simple. You have two options. One is changing your wind-light settings. This; however, doesn’t always work. Your second option is to turn off your local lights or turn on your basic shaders. To do this follow the directions below.

  1. On your toolbar, go to Avatar > Preferences > Graphics.
  2. Deselect “Local Lights”
  3. If Basic Shaders is selected, you can optionally uncheck this box.
  4. Make sure you are using a windlight setting that is friendly for attachments.

*Note* Some people prefer to turn off “basic shaders” or both local lights and basic shaders.

I am using one of your clothing appliers. I think you used the wrong texture.

Maybe but before we go down that road, please make sure that you do not have your bra layer tinted via the breast HUD. To do this please see your Lola’s or Lush instruction manual.

How the size of your breasts impact the fit of clothing and how to make adjustments to fix it.

The size of your breasts can impact the fit of your clothing. The smaller your breasts are, the smaller the texture fit is. Dually, the larger your breasts are the more stretched the clothing becomes. If you prefer larger or smaller breasts and find that your applier clothing does not line up with the system layer of the clothing please follow the directions below.

  1. While wearing your breasts, with the correct clothing layer and applier enabled, go into edit mode on the breasts.
  2. Select “Edit Linked” in your edit window.
  3. Select the texture tab, also in your edit window.
  4. Click on just the layer of your breasts that the clothing is applied to (please make sure edit linked is still selected).
  5. Using the “Repeats Per Face” and “Texture Offset” options, adjust the numbers to get the right fit. I suggest changing the numbers manually in 0.1 increments instead of using the up and down arrows.

I’m wearing one of your applier tops and parts of it become invisible underneath the hair I am wearing.

Unfortunately this is because of “alpha glitching.” When two alphas are on top of each other (ex: alpha hair texture and alpha top texture). This is something that is a Second Life issue and at this point in time, I am unaware of a fix for the problem. If you happen to know of one, please contact me, the input would be greatly appreciated.

Author: *BOOM* Clothing Co.

Clothing and accessory designer. Owner of *BOOM* Clothing Co.

9 thoughts on “Troubleshooting SL Breat Implants.

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  6. Thanks SO MUCH for this, really useful info and I really appreciate it:)

  7. For me unclicking atmospheric shaders in graphics preferences was the thing that made the difference.

  8. I’m totally necroing this post but you can fix the hair/boob reveal by changing the transparency of the hair over the boob, but most hair won’t let you do this😦

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